Mullineux Family Wines

Mullineux Family Wines

Mullineux Roundstone vineyard

Chris & Andrea Mullineux are highly regarded around the world for their magical touch in the vineyard & cellar

Andrea Mullineux - Wine Enthusiast Winemaker of the Year 2016 - a first for a winemaker in the Cape

Chris Andrea MullineuxYoung winemakers, Chris and Andrea Mullineux, are making sensational wines in this area of old bush vines and dry land farming.

Chenin and Syrah are the dominant grapes supported by other southern Rhone and Mediteranean varietals. Under the Mullineux Family Wines label, they make a Syrah, a white blend dominated by Chenin supported by Clairette Blanche and Viognier as well as a Straw Wine from Chenin. In addition, they make a very special range of single terroir wines in limited quantities from varied soil type including granite, schist and iron while their Kloof Street range punches well above it's weight for your buck.

Bywords would include sustainable reasoned farming, natural, minimalist, nothing added or removed apart from minimal sulphur

They are founding members of the Swartland Independent Producers - a group of like-minded winemakers in the area. Their strict criteria & values are self imposed and regulated. Any certified wine from the Swartland will have a SIP Logo sticker and a unique bottle numner.

About Kinnegar

Kinnegar Wines was born almost by accident and been growing organically since.

In 1998, I was in the midde of a two year diploma course with the London Wine & Spirits Trust when an opportunity came up to visit South Africa's Western Cape. Naturally, I was keen to avail of the opportunity to learn more about viticulture and winemaking in South Africa.

We had an excellent guide who brought us to a number of the Cape's leading estates including Thelema and De Trafford where we had in depth vineyard and cellars tours. At the end of the day, I wanted to take back some of the wonderful wines we had tasted for our own use. It was not possible to take two or three cases of wine with us on our flight and shipping such a small quantity was more than the cost of wines. So I had the mad idea of shipping a pallet! Clearly, I had to start selling these wines and so began Kinnegar Wines. Ashford Castle took many of the wines and continue to list them and newer arrivals ever since.

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